The Art Gallery of Ben vanSteenburgh

Ben vanSteenburgh has worked with several major publishing houses doing published book covers and internal book illustrations.

As well as illustration and fine art, Ben has worked extensively in the field of portraiture and has completed more than 80 commissioned portraits including President Clinton with his daughter Chelsea (currently hanging in Clinton’s NY office).

Ben’s fine-art work has been displayed in the Nancy Hoffman Gallery in SoHo NY, Penndragon Gallery (in Annapolis), Wayne Art Gallery, Chester County Art Foundation, Artery, Chaddsford Gallery, APA and Golden Fish Gallery.

Ben has recently moved to Lake County CA influencing the creation of the “White Pelican”, “Herons”, “Horse” and “Crow” series. Other series shown are “Yoga Women”, “Angels” and “Golden Girls”.

Ben also created the Lake County ONLY THE BRAVE murals as an homage to our first responders and the airplane mural in Lakeport.

Featured Collection