Ben vanSteenburgh III – Portraits

Internationally known for his beautifully rendered, powerful portrait style, Ben captures not only the form but the spirit of his subjects. Leafing through the commissioned portraits  (on the web-site) you can see the added personal touches that take a formal portrait to the next level giving it meaning and warmth to bring it to a true work of art.

Portrait process:

Ben works from photos and conversations to get the needed images and ideas for each subject. Family pets or even “surrealistic” touches can be added to strengthen the meaning and show the inherent character of the person or persons in the portrait.


Because Ben works from photos, he can direct the photos needed but can render paintings without the hours of personal “sitting” needed by many artists. Given this process, you can have also commemorative portraits of ancestors or loved ones who are departed. 


Portrait Fees:

Head and shoulders - $2500

Three Quarters - $3500

Full figure - $5000

Multiple figures - (dependent on number of figures)

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